Vintage Shoes- Evolution of Men's Style

Vintage Shoes- Evolution of Men's Style

Shoe Timeline

In the present time, there are countless options of shoe styles that can vary with different climates, regions, or even personal style. The transformation of shoes coming from being made out of animal hides in prehistoric times to the present day being made of countless different elements show tremendous growth and astonishing growth. 

Prehistoric Times

The only proof that humans wore shoes in prehistoric times is in the bones, the human anatomy can determine whether they wore shoes based on strain on the body. The other way historians knew humans wore shoes were in paintings. These shoes were made out of animal hides and furs that were stitched together.



Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, the shoe production saw a huge evolution as shoes were now made of leather and made by the turn shoe production method. When making shoes this way only light flexible pieces of leather. This gave the shoes of a looser and not a form-fitting look. 

During this time shoes represented more than just personal style but your social class. One's social class was determined on how long your toe length was. This is where the bells and large curves came into play. 


19th Century

The 19th century was the start of low-rise shoes as boots had always been popular in the past. This popularity came to the recent press of the newspaper and evolution in the fashion market. This is also when the difference between the right and left foot was finally made and tailored to the feet.

The Industrial Revolution advanced shoe production because it allowed for a higher and more cost-effective way to shoe production. 



20th Century.

The 20th century is home to new synthetic materials, inexpensive discount shoes, produced in mass where shoes are now glued not stitched together. 

This is also the time where the very popular health shoes come in, sneakers. This created more people concerned with foot health and comfort over style and appearance. 


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