Be Hipp, Be Happy and Share

Liv’Hipp is about being Hipp, Happy, and Comfy but also about giving back to the community- 
Be Generous. We are excited to support various non-profit organizations through the importance of providing a philanthropic twist to our brand. 
We Believe in Our Social Responsibility
With every shoe purchase from Liv’Hipp, you’ll be helping to fund a local foundation that supports financial needs for medical conditions, developmental disabilities, art programs, and more of our local communities in need. At no extra cost, we will donate $10 per shoe purchase to a charity of your choice from one of the following. 
Be Hipp, Be Happy and Share!

Nonprofit Partners


Shining a Light on Prevention, It is easier to build strong adolescents than repair broken adults.

Location:  Throughout the United States

After a series of overdoses in New York City, a group of teens and young adults came together to share their stories and let others know they are not alone. These courageous “kids” help educate others about the risks of substance use, encouraging them to make informed choices. Generation S.O.S. now has multiple chapters in NYC,  Miami, and Los Angeles  and will soon launch in other cities across the county. 

Categories: Alcohol, drug and substance Abuse, dependency prevention and treatment 


Visit Generation SOS


We are also supporting:


Be Hipp and Be the light foundation



Ari J Arteaga Foundation - Be the Light

Location: Miami, FL

The goal of the Foundation is to help those who are in need of support, financially and emotionally, for their medical conditions caused by unforeseen tragic circumstances. 

The Foundation has also formed the Be the Light Scholarship® to help qualified students in underprivileged economic circumstances to achieve their academic dreams. 

Categories: Human Service Organizations

Programs: Be the Light Scholarship

Visit Ari Arteaga Foundation webpage

Miami Learning Experience School Inc. (MLE) 

Location: Miami, FL

This association believes  that children/adults with developmental disabilities have the potential of learning and become active members of their community as independent as possible. They provide education to children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Categories: specialized education Institutions/Schools for visually or hearing impaired, learning disabled  

Visit Miami Learning Experience webpage


be Hipp and Miami learning experience school



Be Hipp and boys and girls club of Miami

Boys & Girls Club of Miami Inc

Location: Throughout the United States

Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade’s Project Learn provides high-quality After-School services for children, 5-16 years old. Project Learn program offers core programming such as: homework assistance, arts & crafts, literacy and social skills. Additional programs include: music instruction, tennis, karate, dance, and intramural sports. The program runs concurrently with Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ schedule. The Clubs are also open on Teacher Planning Days and Spring Break.

Categories: Boys and girls club (combined)

Visit Boys & Girls club of Miami- Dade webpage


Charitable Arts

Location: Miami, FL

Charitable Arts is comprised of high school student volunteers from different schools who share a common goal to improve the lives of children in need and help end the cycle of poverty through education. 

This association also have partnerships with Chapman which is a charity helping to end homelessness, 

Categories: Human Service Organizations

Visit Charitable Arts webpage

Charitable arts and be Hipp



Nicklaus Children's HOSPITAL Foundation

Location: Miami, FL

The mission of Miami Children's health system foundation is to create awareness and generate funds for Miami children's health system, Nicklaus children's hospital and any not-for-profit affiliated entity under the system umbrella. the foundation's guiding principle is to ensure the all children have access to state-of-the-art pediatric care.

Your contributions help provide children with the doctors, facilities and innovations that give them the best chance for health and happiness in the future.

Categories: Single Organization Support

Visit Nicklaus Children's Hospital Foundation 

Be Hipp and Niclaus Children's Hospital foundation