Be Hipp, Be Comfy, Be Elegant

The Liv' Hipp shoes have been individually handcrafted with the finest materials.
The Suedes and Leathers come from animals who have had a peaceful life in large pastures, in gentle climates, offering soft and uniform skins.
Each swatch is carefully inspected for scratches so shoes are tailored with the finest skins.
The insole of the Liv' Hipp shoes are made with a memory foam covered Leather. The inside of the shoe is lined with a thin coat of soft leather for additional Support and Comfort
The Soles are hand stitched and come in various materials - leather, leather with rubber studs and rubber. 
Quality and Comfort are top of mind in the development of each model - the result is in the attention to details. 
All Liv' Hipp models are designed by our French team and reflect the Parisian Chic of Casual yet Elegant footwear.