Men's Shoes: Latest Styles and Trends by the Season 2020

Men's Shoes: Latest Styles and Trends by the Season 2020


Whether it’s raining or snowing, hail or sunshine, your footwear will change depending on the seasons. Now some types of shoes can be worn year-round, like sneakers or oxfords. But here are some of each season's classics that way you can stay in fashion no matter the season.

Winter Fashion for Men

Wintertime is known for snow, cold weather, and shoes that need to be durable. The essential winter shoes include a great pair of boots, a warm pair of slippers, and a durable pair of oxfords and sneakers. This also depends on where you live or where you are traveling and how cold it is. A pair of warm slippers are necessary for a snowstorm when staying inside. But for work and casual outing, a pair of dress boots or leather oxfords are the most popular or even a very durable pair of sneakers that can handle different conditions. 

Men's Spring Fashion

In the spring the weather begins to warm up and the flowers begin to bloom. However, with all the beauty of spring, it also brings a lot of rain. Spring shoe fashion revolves around being durable while still staying in fashion with bright colors. Some of the most popular shoes are canvas oxford, flip-flop, chukka boot, and a few pairs of sneakers. It’s important to have a variety from a boot to a flip-flop because of the weather change and each day's new adventure. At the beginning of the spring, the chukka boot and sneakers will be best for the colder months and the harsh weather; however, in May the sun starts to shine and the flip-flops and canvas oxfords will be the perfect fit. Those pairs of shoes will help you transition to the warmer summer months. 


Summer Trends 2020 for Men

Summertime brings sunshine warmth and a lot of fun activities for everyone to do outdoors, this means a pair of shoes for these favorite occasions. A pair of white sneakers, linen oxford, outdoor sandal, casual derby, and even a slip-on sneaker (if you have the closet space). Another essential pair is the flip-flops that you used in the spring for those trips to the beach or pool. Each shoe should be light and allow your feet to breathe easily in the heat. 


Men's Fall Fashion 

In the fall the leaves change colors and the weather starts to cool. School is back in sessions and it marks the start of multiple sports seasons. For a season full of different weather conditions and places to go it’s important to have the shoe's comfortability to get you there. The popular shoes for the fall are a pair of loafers, hiking boots (now that it’s cooled down to go camping), leather chukka boots, oxford boots, and of course a pair of trusty sneakers. Having this variety of shoes will ensure the perfect shoe look in the autumn season. 

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