What is business casual for Men?

What is business casual for Men?

What is Business Casual for Men?



Business casual, a term that has perplexed working professionals throughout the twenty-first century. With most companies changing their dress code to business casual, it’s left the question, what even is business casual?


What does Business Casual Mean?

 Business casual in today’s world could mean a lot of different things but in a nutshell, it is, no suit, but also no jeans. Some say it can be a no tie, but a jacket and others say it’s the other way around. The confusion ends here as Liv’Hipp breaks down each element in being business casual and have you ready to impress the office with your style. 


Business Casual 101, The Fundamentals

The first element of this dress code is a blazer or sport coat, for this jacket stick with dark colors and avoid gold buttons. The next question is, what to pair the blazer or sports jacket with? A nice button up long sleeve dress shirt. This is also the most basic top for the business casual world.  Something that can make a button-down more casual is not buttoning it the whole way or pairing it with a knit tie instead of a classic tie. For the bottom half of your body stay simple. By just wearing a plain pair of khakis or even trousers it allows the rest of the outfit to be completely your choice as far as colors and patterns. 

Express Yourself 

The shoes are where you can express your style. Rather than sticking with the classic oxfords, it’s fun and shows your personality if you switch it up with some colorful choices. It’s also extremely common to boots or formal sneakers. In terms of popularity, brown shoes for business causal do steal the show but recently men have been incorporating colored laces and soles to be unique and show some personality.


Which Liv’Hipp product can help you stay stylish in a business casual office?

Business casual is always changing and is always looking to be tested, so be bold and Liv’Hipp with our dependable products. Our fan favorite and the go-to for business casual is our Casual Chic in Navy Blue and Orange. These shoes with any trousers and dress shirt show the sophification for the office but at the same time offer that flash of color for fun. Also for the more “casual friday '' our Liv’Hipp quarter zip sweater is always a crowd pleaser by wearing an appropriate but fun and comfortable sweater.