Hybrid dress shoes

Hybrid dress shoes

The Hippy Chic

Our Hippy dress shoes are taking the role of the hybrid dress shoe. Hybrid dress shoes are taking over the workplace footwear by offering a more comfortable and casual dress shoe. Hybrid shoes take many forms but normally have the appearance of a dress show while having features of athletic shoes or sneakers. Our Liv’Hipp dress shoe has an added feature of a memory foam sole, giving it the sleek look of a dress shoe, but the comfort of a hybrid.

Hybrid shoes have become popular due to the classic debate, this occasion does not warrant a full suit; however, it requires more than just a pair of sneakers. This is when the new wave of office dress code came into play, Business Casual. 

The right occasion to wear these hybrid shoes is really up to you and your style, but some of the best places to wear them are

  • Office, if it is business casual dress code or casual Friday
  • Nice events with loved ones
  • Weddings
  • Or anytime wear you want nicer than a sneaker but more casual than a dress shoe. 

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