5 Ways to Stay Focused While Working from Home

5 Ways to Stay Focused While Working from Home

A Work From Home Guide- Responding to COVID-19

During this pandemic we are all being tested, one of the most challenging obstacles is working from home. Over time, we have forgotten what it’s like to get in the perfect work mindset because it was a routine that had to be done. Whether you have kids running around in the background, wifi troubles, loud neighbors or simply just can’t separate home from work, here are some simple tips to get in the work mindset from home:  

  • Morning Routine: This morning routine should resemble how you would get ready for work on an average day. It can start with anything as simple as going on a run or drinking some coffee while watching the news. Another helpful idea that can apply to you, if commuting to work was part of your daily routine, is to get out and walk around the block. This will help to trick your mind with a “mock commute”. This isn’t an overnight solution. In order for this mind game to work, consistency is key. Experts always suggest that activity in the morning is crucial to get the blood flowing for the rest of the day. 


  • Designated Workspace: Create a space in your home that is strictly for work purposes. This means don’t work from your bed, on that favorite spot of the living room couch in front of a TV, nor the kitchen island where you enjoy every delicious meal from. A separate room is ideal but a proper desk to spread out. Most importantly, this work space should be designated only for work. This will help your mind tune into the work mode since the only time you are at this area is when you are working from this area.


  • Get Dressed for Success: Working from home gives you the luxury to wear whatever you want; however, it’s a great idea to get dressed as if you were heading to the office. Working in the same outfit you slept in the night before can make you sluggish throughout the day and not allow you to ever really wake up. By throwing on a business casual outfit and even sometimes shoes, that muscle memory kicks in and can help you get in the right mindset. 

  • Set Schedule: This trick is crucial to the rest. Working a normal 9 to 5 can be hard when you are stuck at home all day with plenty of distractions. To help this process, have a set time for lunch for a brain break. Prioritize yourself and listen to what your body needs. Schedule your calls and meetings the best you can in the mornings and leave the afternoon to work on your projects. By dividing up the day, this organization will help complete tasks. 


  • Over Communicate: Communication is key! Not being in the office and able to walk down the hall and ask a quick question is hard to duplicate when you are home. But it’s important to remember that in these times everyone is home working and going through the same problems, if not worse. Therefore, communicate with your colleagues an extensive amount; it’s crucial that everyone has the same expectation and knows what is going on. Transparency is very important in the workplace, now more than ever. 

These 5 tricks will help working at home feel like you are in the office. Always keep in mind, everyone is different so adjust your environment and schedule to what is best for you.



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