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Rise in Popularity of White Sneakers


*Our version of the timeless white sneaker shown above will be available online early next year. 

Throughout the past 100 years, white sneakers have had a strong hold on western fashion. The low-top tennis show started to earn popularity in the 1870s, as it resembled the front of a boat. Called a plimsoll, these low tops have gained improvements to become one of the most popular shoes of time. Between the late 1800s and early 1900s low-top white sneakers gained popularity with the rise of the Olympics, becoming the shoe of choice for athletes even after tennis disappeared from the Olympic program in the 1920s. These sneakers became part of a dress code for tennis players that wanted to play on the courts, and with a rise in popularity of playing tennis in the 1960s, white sneakers were in high demand. With more improvements, by the 1970s, white sneakers had earned a spot in nearly every American home. So why are these simple shoes so popular?

They are timeless

Like a pair of brown loafers, or women's black pumps, white sneakers have the ability to be used for a wide range of occasions and outfits. Because of their multiple uses, they have become a timeless shoe, with an increasing popularity among women, men and children. 

Not Season-Specific

Although white sneakers originally gained popularity in the United States as a shoe for tennis, now these have become part of daily outfits that aren’t necessarily athletic. These are part of everyday outfits because they look good with everything, and are simple enough to rewear and not bring attention. The simplicity of white sneakers means that they can be worn in any season, and not look out of place. Popular winter outfits include colorful coats with white sneakers, while summer outfits include dresses or shorts with the same pair of white sneakers. These can also be worn to work to create a look that is both casual but trendy.