European Influence on Men’s Fashion in America

European Influence on Men’s Fashion in America


Europe is home to some of the most beloved designers in the world, and it is also home to arguably the best dressed. The European fashion has crossed the Atlantic and has changed the closet all over the United States. While this European influence can be seen everywhere, you can see this influence strong in men’s fashion. These are some of the most popular trends in men's fashion that we see today and that came across the Atlantic.

The Popularity of Khakis and the Decline in Jeans

            If it’s one thing European fashion and American fashion differ on is jeans. Americans see jeans as something that can be worn casually or even on a business casual look. This type of culture is foreign to European fashion as their popularity is in Chico’s or more colored pants that can still be used for casual use but can still be dressed up.

Slim Fit

            This might be the most obvious as Americans have been looking for slim fit everything, jeans, jackets, shirts, and even skinny ties have become more popular. The most popular “slim” trend was the skinny jeans craze that started in the early 2000s. Skinny jeans started in men's fashion and eventually became popular with women, it became a staple of the decade and we have the Europeans to thank. This is also where a very tailored suit came into our culture. In the late 1990s, a men's suit was very loose, even baggy. They were extremely popular and you can see this on athletes, sports announcers, or even actors; however, that trend changed. As soon as the twenty-first century hit suits became smaller. Men started to wear their suits more tailored and you can even notice a change in the variety of colors. Before it was common to have a navy blazer that was loose and could be worn with everything but now it’s popular to get a pattern tailored suit to show style. 


            One of the most popular trends that America has taken after is the ability to “dress up an outfit”, make it more formal, this is done with accessories. Some accessories are handkerchiefs, cufflinks, different types of ties, and jewelry of course. It’s safe to say that this trend in Europe came from the established designers based out of Europe. It’s popular in America for men to wear designer watches and jewelry to dress up but it doesn’t stop there. Men focus on each element of their outfit, even something as small as cufflinks can make a statement. This is influencing the popular trend in America, of more tailored suits that now have different elements to them. 


These are only a few but some of the most popular trends in today’s world. But there are lots of different trends that have come and gone but it is fair to say that most of them have originated in Europe and have made their way across the Atlantic to America.

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