Buying Mens Dress Shoes- Leather Sole vs. Rubber Sole

Hippy Chic Collection vs Casual Chic Collection
Hippy Chic Collection
The Hippy Chic collection is a Casual Suede Derby shoe handcrafted in the finest suede and finished with a hand-stitched rubber sole. 
Casual Chic Collection
The Casual Chic collection is a combination between an Elegant and a Casual Derby shoe, handcrafted in the finest suede. The hand-stitched leather sole is finished with rubber studs.
Sole Searching
Hippy Chic
The rubber sole offers guaranteed comfort and flexibility to the shoe.
Casual Chic
The leather sole with rubber studs combines Comfort and Elegance.
Picking  the right shoe for the right occasion
Hippy Chic is more of an on your feet shoe. Think of an occasion or event where you will be standing for hours or dancing the night away but still want to maintain that elegant and stylish vibe:
  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • Night out on the town
  • Happy Hour 
  • Traveling
  • Active day on the job
The Casual Chic collection is the most comfortable dress shoe. Many dress shoes constrict movement for blood flow and are nearly impossible to last the day in. Combine comfort with elegance in your everyday life:
  • Office
  • Court Appearance or Formal Meetings
  • Dinner Date
  • Holiday Celebration
  • Religious Institution
  • Boat Stroll