The Psychology Behind Colorful Outfits

When picking out an outfit to wear each morning, we usually gravitate towards colors that are defining our mood. Waking up feeling exhausted and tired can lead to an outfit choice that is fashioned with dark colors matching the mood. However, when choosing an outfit while feeling happy or excited, we can generally lead to more bold colors that express this feeling. 

The feeling that you get when picking out an outfit doesn’t just stop once you leave your closet. In fact, this outfit and color choice will be the first impression of you to others as you start the day. As outward appearance is inevitably the first thing that we notice, the outfit for the day may set the tone for the way that people perceive you. For example, dark colors are perceived as formal, and authoritative, while light colors come off as friendly and approachable. Bright colors convey confidence and energy while contrasting colors assert a look of power. 

At Liv’Hipp we strive to combine the traditional dark colors of formality and elegance with a bright pop of colors that gives off feelings of energy and confidence. When putting on a pair of Liv’Hipp shoes and having a bold stripe of red, blue, or orange, you can feel the difference in each step, and the confidence and elegance that it brings.

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